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A journey through depression

Ministry is tough. Walking with and living for Jesus is tough. Sometimes we are encouraged and hopeful…at other times we are deeply discouraged and moving into some sort of depression.

A friend who struggled a good deal of time battling depression shared the following with me and I have his permission to pass it along to you. He said:

Below is the poem that I read to you yesterday. Feel free to use it in any way that you wish! No need to use my name. I pray that it will bring hope and encouragement to those who have gone through the darkness that I have.


Like Lazarus, so my soul.

Sick, dying, in need of Jesus.

Jesus, come quickly! My heart is wasting away. You can heal it!

No answer.

Death comes quickly.  

 Depression. Loneliness.

Where were you Jesus? Why didn’t you come?

One day…two days…three days…

It feels like months.

Darkness is ruling and reigning.

Alone. Afraid. The smell of death all around.

My heart in a tomb.

Don’t open that up, Jesus. It stinks too bad.”  

Others say as he comes for me. “Roll away the stone!

But Jesus…it’s been dead too long…

I said “Roll it away!


Jesus speaks:

Awake, O sleeper, rise from the dead! Arise!

Come out! Rise out of the ashes of mediocrity. Rise out of the bed of laziness. Arise from the depths of insecurity. Rise up and live! Come out!

Death may look like it has won, but you serve a God of resurrection!

Arise O heart…Arise O passion…Arise O courage. Come out from the grave. Lift up your eyes. Set your heart on Me. I am your strength and your shield. Your fortress and your deliverer. I am your life and resurrection. Come out! 

Arise and be an influence. Arise and spark a movement. Arise and follow me and I will make you a fisher of men.  

You will live again. Come out!"

Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it cannot bear fruit.

And so my soul. 

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