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Learning from Supreme Court Justice Neil M. Gorsuch

I just finished a great book about our newest supreme court Justice, Neil M Gorsuch.


Here is something that was at the tail end of the book:

On Increase Summer’s (lawyer and judge) tombstone over two hundred years ago.

Buried in Old Granary burial ground in Boston.

 “As a lawyer, he was faithful and able; as a judge, patient, impartial, and decisive; in private life, he was affectionate and mild; in public life, he was dignified and firm. Party feuds were allayed by the correctness of his conduct; calumny was silenced by the weight of his virtues; and rancor softened by the amenity of his manners.”

“These word stick with me. I keep them on my desk. They serve for a daily reminder of the law’s integrity, that a useful life can be led in its service, of the hard work it takes, and an encouragement to good habits when I fail and falter. At the end of it all, I could hope for nothing more than to be described as he was. If confirmed, I pledge that I will do everything in my power to be that man.”

~ Supreme Court Justice Neil McGill Gorsuch

 From the book, “Gorsuch” The judge who speaks for himself

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