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I learned so much from the Global Leadership Summit!

My calling is to be a leader developer. My purpose statement is: “To help equip and empower the next generation of leaders in local churches by coaching, teaching and writing.” I spend most of my ministry hours in these three areas. I am always reading, thinking and assimilating all I can to personally be a better leader and to help develop more leaders who are becoming better.

With this in mind, I recently attended Willow Creek’s Global Leadership Summit (GLS) at a nearby church here in Orange County CA. I thought I would spend the next several original blogs sharing some of my takeaways from my experience at the GLS.

 So, here are a few to kick things off:

 1.  “Everyone wins when a leader gets better” ~Bill Hybels (Lead Pastor, Willow Creek Church, Chicago)

 My thoughts:

 Everyone should be getting better if I, the leader, am continuing to get better by  leaning into Jesus  as I am observing, learning, growing, obeying, etc. True biblical leadership is about the Kingdom and the people, not about me.

 2.  “Get people to tell you the truth” Sheryl Sandberg (COO, Facebook)

 My thoughts:

 Sad to say, many leaders don’t want to hear the truth, but to hear what will make them feel good about themselves or affirm what they may already be thinking. Remember the line from the movie “A few Good Men”: “You can’t handle the truth.” This is so true. If I’m going to be a leader who honors Jesus I, by His grace, need to be able to handle the truth and to not be afraid of it.  I can’t allow those I lead to hide the truth from me for fear that it would upset me, that the honest truth would hurt my feelings or make me feel more insecure than I already am.

 3.  “Replace how with WOW” ~ Andy Stanley (Lead pastor, North Point Community Church, Atlanta)

 My thoughts:

When someone on your team, in your organization, or in your family has an idea that has some risk attached to it or is different than the way you’ve always done it or the way you’ve always thought about things, say “WOW” before going to questions like:

 But how will we ever afford something like that?

  • But how can we possibly do that with our limited personnel?
  • But how can we do something we have no experience with?
  • But how can we succeed on this type of idea when we have failed in the past with the same idea?

How about saying WOW, before you say how?

Wow, that's a great idea

Wow, this is certainly something to begin thinking and praying about

Wow, I appreciate your looking at things through a fresh set of eyes

Wow, let's see what we can do to make this happen

Now obviously you’re not going to go WOW-crazy over every idea, but my leadership experience has been that many leaders go too often and too quickly to HOW before going to WOW, when the idea has merit but will be a challenge. How questions can be “Stinking Thinking,” as Zig Zigler used to say.

When it’s appropriate, replace HOW with WOW and see what the Lord of the Harvest does.

 Look for a few more of my takeaways from the GLS in a few days


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