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20 great leadership tips in "Tweet Length."

Here is an excellent list of 20 list of leadership traits in tweet length.

I am sure you will find something applicable to you and your current situation.

Originally posted by Ron Edmondson

A friend emailed me and asked for my “top 20 leadership tips”. They were doing a presentation on leadership and were asked to share 20 aspects of great leadership. The added catch – they wanted something short they could expand upon, so they suggested I share them in “Twitter length.”

It was like he didn’t know I’m the guy who only has “7” points in most posts?

I’m always up for a challenge though, so I wrote down the question and pondered it for a couple weeks. I added a few at a time. Then I sat down to compile the list.

Here are 20 leadership tips in Twitter length:

1. Build people – people are your greatest asset as a leader.

2. Believe in others – it’s the right thing to do and you can’t lead effectively otherwise.

3. Your life direction matters – you’ll likely end up where you point yourself and the team you lead.

4. Hold your methodology loosely – care more about accomplishing a worthy vision than how you do it.

5. Empower people – delegation is giving people real responsibility and real authority.

6. Keep learning – when you stop learning – you stop.

7. Renew your passion often – keep reminding yourself why you do what you do.

8. Learn to rest – so you can always do your best.

9. Value the word “No” – you can only do what you can do. Trying to do more lowers efficiency.

10. Prioritize each day – make every moment count – Because it does.

11. Let failure build you – not define you – it’s the best way to gain experience.

12. Be honest with yourself and others – what you hide will often trip you fastest.

13. Know your weaknesses – everyone else already does.

14. Listen more than you speak – you’ll learn more and others will feel valued.

15. Serving others always brings joy – giving back is the greatest vehicle to fulfillment in life.

16. Humility is attractive – people want to be around people who are. Applaud others louder than you “toot your own horn”.

17. Be intentional – nothing really great happens without intentionality.

18. Reject apathy – you’ll be tempted to settle for mediocrity. Don’t do it.

19. Communication is vital – people only know what they know. Same for you. Learn to ask good questions. 

20. Protect your character – even more than you try to protect your reputation. Do this and you’ll gain the other.


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