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Women in leadership desire and need coaching

As long as I can remember in my 48 years of pastoral ministry both with The Navigators, Mars Hill Church and in my professional coaching, the place of women in ministry has been (and still is) a controversial subject.

One of the churches I consult and coach with is Greenbriar Church in Albany, Georgia.

Mandy Kavanaugh is on the executive team at Greenbriar and carries considerable responsibility. Mandy is being coached and starting to coach other women in ministry. Here she is sharing why women will profit by having a life/leadership coach.

I strongly recommend Mandy for coaching women who are in leadership at your church.

Originally posted by Mandy Kavanaugh

Pastors: Why women in your church leadership need coaching

Until recent years, the vast majority of resources given to developing leaders within the local church have been given primarily for men in ministry. This isn’t an opinion piece where I argue for a woman’s place in leadership…you can Google that subject and read enough arguments to last ten lifetimes. This is an article to Pastors and Elders who are working hard to truly embody being complimentarian by pursuing and equipping women to lead. To those pastors I would say that if you invested in ministry coaching for the women in leadership at your church, the return would be ten-fold.

Here are four reasons why you should consider ministry coaching for these women:

1.  A ministry coach can help a woman in church leadership discover her life purpose.

Many believers, in general, do not know their life purpose and as a result, they walk through life chasing things that God never intended them to chase. A wise person will spend their time (and dare I say blood, sweat and tears) seeking God’s purpose for them. Once God reveals his overall purpose to any leader, they no longer have to guess what things get their “yes” and what things get their “no”. They will be free from distraction and able to jump in your church with 100% commitment. My own journey in seeking God’s purpose for my life was finally contained in one statement: “My life exists to exalt the person and work of Jesus Christ with integrity and excellence; to care for the local church, as the Bride of Christ, through leadership and discipleship; to tell the story of Jesus through the arts and depend on God to accomplish dreams that are bigger than me.” I never second guess that my purpose is to serve the local church and I am free from all other obligations.

2.  A ministry coach can help a woman in church leadership be successful in priority management.

The first calling of a woman is that of being a wife and mom but God also calls some women into ministry. I’ve seen women shrink back from leadership positions in the church because they thought they had to choose one calling over the other. I am living proof that it is possible to do both well. The best thing a lead pastor or elder board can do for their female leaders is to provide a ministry coach to help them keep their priorities in order.

3.  A ministry coach will help a woman in church leadership grow in her personal leadership development.

Personal leadership development for women is really no different than it is for men however it does have it’s own nuances. For example, how should a woman lead men who serve within her teams?  How can a woman resolve conflict without allowing her emotions to take control? A female ministry coach has walked these same roads and knows how to help other women walk them as well…

To finish reading this article, go to Mandy Kavanaugh


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The first calling of a woman is that of being a wife and mom but God also calls some women into ministry.
Why ?
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The first calling of a woman is that of being a wife and mom but God also calls some women into ministry.
Why ?
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