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The ways leaders think differently

Leaders obviously think, but they think differently than others think.  How is their thinking different?  Read these comparisons from Dan Rockwell and find out if you think like a leader or not!

Originally posted on January 11, 2015 by Dan Rockwell

The title of leader is common, even cheap. But, a person who thinks like a leader is a thing of beauty.

The first step toward becoming a leader is thinking like one.

Leadership is determined by the way you think about yourself, others, results, and organizations.

Unleaderly thinking compared with leaderly.

  1. Was it up to standard? / How can we do better?
  2. How can I get it done? / Who can get it done?
  3. Leave me alone so I can work? / Let’s do this together.
  4. I’m stressed. / What’s the emotional state of the team?
  5. Do what I want. / Do what we want.
  6. This is hard. / This is opportunity.
  7. I don’t know how. / Who knows how?
  8. I need help. / Who can I help?
  9. I’m not ready. / Let’s learn as we go.
  10. We can’t because… / What can we do?
  11. We’re done. / What’s next?
  12. We’ve always done it this way. / How can we simplify?
  13. It doesn’t matter. / How important is it?
  14. What do I enjoy doing? / What do you enjoy doing?
  15. Just ignore it. / Let’s deal with it.
  16. You screwed up. / What are you learning?

One thing more:

Thinking apart from taking action is futility.

Good people love getting things done. Leaders get things done through others.

What does thinking like a leader look like to you?

What does follower thinking look like?



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