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Seven Characteristics Of A Leader

In the New Testament, I Timothy 3, Titus 1 and I Peter 5 are the go-to chapters on the characteristics and qualitities of a leader. Here are some great thoughts on what makes a good leader. These were shared by Pastor Mark Clark of Village Church, Vancouver, BC.


Originally posted on Village Church (Vancouver, BC) Website on Feb 27, 2014

“Seven Characteristic of a Leader”

The Granville Island Arts Club Theatre was filled last Saturday with 180 leaders from Village Church. They had gathered for the 2014 Leadership Bootcamp and showed up ready to praise Jesus and grow as leaders. The following is a recap of the first teaching session, “Seven characteristics of a leader,” led by Pastor Mark Clark.[1]

A leader is called

Nothing significant happens without a leader who is called. Although the details of your circumstances might change, your basic calling will stay the same. Think about Moses. Although the circumstances of his story changed, the call he received from God was consistent for his entire life (Ex. 3:7-12).

A leader is authentic

The world doesn’t need perfect leaders. It needs genuine leaders. Even though you will be tempted to project a persona or wear masks, you will be the best leader when you are being you. Not somebody else.

A leader is passionate

People follow passionate leaders because passion is infectious. It’s less about what you do, and more about the degree of passion that inspires what you do. Remember, your internal passion defines your external reach.

A leader is capable

A leader won’t be effective if they’re incompetent. It’s counterproductive to invest your time and energy in something you’re not built for, so make sure you’re leading in an area that plays to your strengths.

A leader is principled

Skilled leaders are creative and focused. They’re clear about what they will spend their time and energy doing and able to say “no” to anything that doesn’t line up with their calling, passions, and ideals.

A leader is courageous

A leader’s calling will be crippled if they aren’t courageous because fear is debilitating. If you’re not taking risks because you’re ruled by fear, it’s likely you’re not putting enough of your trust in God.

A leader is hopeful

Hope, not cynicism or criticism, inspires people. The most influential leaders are constantly pushing forward with hope and aren’t searching for the negatives in every situation.

So what?

As Pastor Mark made clear in this session:

"The world needs you to lead because there’s a massive leadership vacuum."

Focusing on these characteristics as you pursue Jesus and move deeper in your calling will help you grow as a leader.

[1] Material adapted from Brad Lomenick, The Catalyst Leader (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2013).


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