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Dave’s European Adventure

It was an incredible trip…tough on my travel bones, but used of God.  It took me 19 hours to get there and 19 hours coming home, but the investment in the lives of leaders was inestimable.

We gathered at the Holiday Inn (which, by the way, is my hotel of choice stateside) in Berlin on January 2-4.  There were 560 leaders representing 120 churches from 8 countries.  While in Berlin for those days, I was privileged to take the group through the key ideas in my book “Leaders Who Last."

We covered:

  1. A Credible Life
  2. A Compelling Vision
  3. A Cohesive Team

There was time to think, pray and apply what Jesus made clear, time for group discussion and a good chunk of time for Q&A with some excellent and thought-provoking questions asked.

While in Berlin for those three days, I got to know some amazing leaders from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, South Africa, Italy, Bosnia and Serbia. 

I had the opportunity of praying with a number of leaders (men and women) who are seeking God for the next steps in their lives. I prayed with several who feel called to church planting.

On Saturday, January 5th I flew to Zurich and caught a train to Bern, Switzerland (the capital, and home of the famous Swiss Bank.) On Sunday the 6th, I had the joy of preaching all three services (1pm-5pm-7:30pm) at Vineyard, Bern where the Vineyard movement in Europe started with Martin Buehlmann (who had invited me to come) planting this church. Martin now oversees the Vineyard work in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Vineyard, Bern is now being led by his son, Marius. They worship around 1,000 (which is big for Europe) composed of a mostly younger crowd. It is a church with a strong vision to reach people and plant churches, not only in Switzerland, but elsewhere in Europe. I left Bern at 10pm on Sunday night by train to Zurich and at 7:30am the next morning caught a flight home arriving in Orange County at 4pm on Monday, January 7th.

It was exhausting, exhilarating, exciting and encouraging to have the opportunity with so many leaders from so many different churches and countries. I am so grateful to Jesus for opening up these doors of influence and impact with the next generation of leaders.

If you click on “Photos” on this blog site, and then Germany, I will take you on a pictorial journey.

Click on the video below and see a presentation created by my dear friend, David Ondo. David has been a wonderful helper in the technical area in which I am often clueless.

Thanks to all of you who emailed, tweeted or Face-booked and assured me you were praying! 

+The next big adventure is Puerto Rico on March 7-12. More on that later. 

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