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Adding value as a team member

Posted on August 20 by Ron Edmondson on his blog

Recently someone came to me for advice in starting a new position. He wanted to know how he could set himself apart and make himself a valuable team member. I loved the question. It shows intentionality and purpose. I decided not to give him just a few suggestions, but to give him a dozen.

Here are 12 ways to make yourself valuable as a team member:

1. Be an encourager of others on the team

2. Embrace change willingly

3. Remain positive when others are negative

4. Laugh deep and smile often

5. Value other people’s opinions

6. Remain steadfast to vision and values

7. Be flexible with methods

8. Genuinely love people

9. Give more than required

10. Think critically for improvement

11. Have a servant’s heart

12. Never gossip or talk bad about another team member

What would you add to this list?

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