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India Report # 1

It is Tuesday morning here in (central India) where I am staying and ministering.  From the time I left LAX (on Friday at 3p) until I arrived 32 hours had passed.  I probably slept for 2 hours during those 32.  I arrived in at 11.30a on Sunday local time.  There is a 12 ½ hour time difference between LA and Damoh.

God is gracious and good and the fact that I had not slept much put me quickly on India time Sunday night here and I have been in sync since, which I am told is rare. So far, I am healthy, sleeping well and have good energy for which I am very grateful to Jesus.

One of my first impressions…I have never seen so many people, bikes, motorcycles and animals all occupying the road at the same time. The animals have the right of way…cows, goats…even saw a few pigs!

The town I am staying in is a town of about 100,000, which is small by India standards.  It didn’t take long to learn of the enormous impact  the mission is having all over the country as well as in at least three neighboring countries.

there are two Bible schools, to train future church planters and leaders, a first rate nursing training college, a children’s home (they actually have three in India with a total of 700 children that have been orphaned), a children’s ministry that supports over 4,000 children with education costs, food, and clothing, a publishing department, and have been involved in planting around 900 churches.  They are just getting started and are taking new territory for the Kingdom as opportunities present themselves. They have a big heart and a big vision to trust Jesus for.

For about eight months I have been coaching (via Skype) Josh  a gifted young (26 years old) leader who is responsible for leadership development.

Since arriving here on Sunday at 11.30am local time, by His grace I:

1.  Preached from John 3:16 on Sunday evening at a local church a few miles from the mission.  They met in a room (built as a meeting place for the church) above the pastor’s home.  I was told that 50% of those who attend are not yet followers of Jesus. They roomed was jammed with some men standing outside. Twelve people (Men, women and a few older children stood and committed their lives to the Lord for the first time. All praise to Jesus!

2.  Preached from John 2:5 on Monday morning to a group of around 400-500 (students at the nursing home, and the staff who serve here with CICM. It turned out that Ajai had written a song based on John 2:5 which was the theme for a women’s conference they had here within the last year.  He is sovereign over all details.

Today (Tuesday) I begin presenting my Leaders Who Last Seminar to an expected group (pastors and leaders) of 250-300 from all over the country. We get under way at 10am local time, which would be 9.30p Monday evening California time. We will spend today and through noon tomorrow with the seminar, which is being translated into Hindi.  The workbook and the Key Note slides are also in Hindi.

Wednesday morning  (before we begin again with the LWL seminar), I speak    again to the 400-500 group from Mark 14:36 “The other Lord’s Prayer.”

Can’t wait to get started with the LWL seminar in just a few hours.

Please pray for the Lord of the Harvest to continue to do awesome things.  Pray that everything done and said would be honoring to Him and that I would be lead by Him and empowered by Him.

Lord willing, I will plan on posting again on Wednesday night or Thursday morning local time and let you know what’s happening on Thursday and Friday. Thank you all for your prayers and numerous emails of encouragement.

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