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Pastor Dave is headed for India

Tomorrow at 10am I drive to LAX with Susan for one of the most exciting and far reaching opportunities I have ever had.

I coach Josh (26) in central India over Skype. Although Josh is an American, he married an Indian lady. He is an incredible leader with a passion for Jesus and His gospel.

The mission he works with has hundreds of pastors all over India and a few neighboring countries that they work with to advance the gospel by planting churches. I am told that on a given weekend, with all of their network churches, they worship around 250,000 people. I am stepping into an incredible gift that Jesus has provided for me, I am humbled, grateful and (to be totally honest) scared, but trusting. I have never been to this part of the world and from all I am hearing it will be different from anything I have ever experienced. 

Josh and his team have invited me to come and:

1.  Preach in a few of their network churches

2.  Preach several evangelistic messages to various groups

3.  Conduct my Leaders Who Last seminar for an extimated 250-300 leaders

4.  Conduct a full day of "Coach Training"  using the MCI tools and concepts for a group of their top leaders so coaching can be multiplied in their network of churches

5.  Get some good hang time with Josh and see him in his context

All the preaching teaching and training will be translated into Hindi, including the materials I use in the states for the Leaders Who Last seminar

Here are some things I would deeply appreciate you praying from March 23rd to April 1st when I return.

Pray for:

1.  Physical, spiritual and emotional strength (it takes 20 plus hours of travel time going and coming)

2.  Wisdom and sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit

3.  God's anointing on every opportunity to preach, teach and train leaders

4.  Protection from sickness and prudence on my part as to what I drink and eat

5.  Susan who will remain at home

6.  Pray specifically over Luke 5:26 (ESV) 

" And amazement seized them all, and they glorified God and were filled with awe, saying 'We have seen extraordinary things today.' "


  • That Jesus would be glorified and honored in everything that happens
  • People would be filled with awe over what He is doing
  • That we would see extraordinary things done by the Holy Spirit

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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