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Bottleneck Leaders

In the past, I have blogged once a week, on Monday. I have decided that I will begin blogging twice a week.  Starting today (and ensuing Wednesdays) I will share a blog from some of my favorite blog writers listed on my welcome page.

As always, my desire is to put ideas, and resources out there that will help all of us be better leaders…led by Him, empowered by Him and honoring Him in all we do and say.

Today, something from Ron Edmondson, which he originally posted on October 6, 2011. What follows is his post, verbatim, without any of my words.

Leaders should aim not to be a bottleneck in the process of building a healthy and growing organization. In manufacturing a bottleneck can be defined as a point of congestion in a system that occurs when workloads arrive at a given point more quickly than that point can handle them.

 In an organization, the bottleneck can be the leader. When this happens, progress stalls and growth is limited.

Here are 7 characteristics of the bottleneck leader:

  • Every decision ultimately goes through the leader…
  • Dreaming is limited to the pre-determined boundaries of the leader…
  • Waiting for the leader to make a decision becomes awkward and wastes time…
  • There is no clear vision or direction for the organization…
  • The leader never delegates…
  • Potential leaders aren’t recruited…they are controlled…
  • Everyone waits on the leader to make the first move…

Leaders, ask yourself this question: Are you a bottleneck in your organization?

If you aren’t certain, perhaps you should ask your team.



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