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Ten Signs of a Healthy Team

Posted on Sep 27, 2012 by  Perry Noble


Want A Great List Of Things To Discuss In Your Next Team Meeting?  Take A Look At These…

#1 – You actually enjoy being around one another instead of trying to find ways to avoid one another.

#2 – Truth is spoken IN LOVE and not in a condescending or condemning way.

#3 – There is an atmosphere of freedom where differences of opinion can be shared without the immediate perception that the person who is disagreeing is somehow disloyal.

(BTW…if you are in a meeting and you disagree mentally then you have an obligation to disagree verbally!  If you do not feel that freedom then there IS a problem!)

#4 – People are willing to walk into the room and ask for help rather than put off the perception that they have it all together.

#5 – No one is trying to prove themselves.

#6 – Everyone in the room values the opinions of everyone in the room.

#7 – There can be disagreements without the fear of relationships being destroyed.

#8 – The entire group is focused on attacking PROBLEMS in the room and not PEOPLE in the room!

#9 – People embrace responsibility rather than cast blame.

#10 – People work through tension honestly rather than saying nothing is wrong and then walking out of the meeting and tearing apart those with whom they disagreed.

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