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Long Enough!

It’s easy and comfortable to keep on doing what you’ve always done, where you’ve always done it and the way you’ve always done it.

If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep on getting what you've always gotten. If you don't like what't happening something has to change!

Awhile back I read Deuteronomy 2:3,

“Then the Lord said to me (Moses), you have been traveling around this mountain long enough turn northward.” (underlining is mine).

Where are you right now…in your life, ministry or family. Have you been there long enough?

Have you been in a state of worry, complacency or joylessness long enough? 

Have you camped in fear, anger or jealousy long enough? 

Have you been comfortable in your current responsibilities, small dreams or present accomplishments long enough? 

Is it time to cooperate with the Holy Spirit for some changes?

We can become too comfortable in our current situation, whatever, or wherever, it may be, and resist moving to a new or different place He may have for us.

Would God say to you today: “You have been there long enough…time to move.”

  • Is God ready to take you to a higher level of trust and faith in Him?


  • Is He looking to move you into deeper intimacy with Himself?


  • Is He preparing you for a greater challenge…a step out of your comfort zone?


Have you been in the state you are in, the place you are in long enough?


Why don’t you ask Him today?

Why don't you move out at His command?

Fill in the blank.


 ”Then the Lord said to me, you have been______ long enough, turn______”


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