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A "Noble" Theology

I used to be a pastor at Mars Hill Church in Seattle. When I first joined the pastoral team in September of 2005, I was introduced to "Systematic Theology" by Wayne Grudem, a 1,290 page book on everything theological. That is the longest book on the subject I have ever seen. 

A few weeks ago I ran across the shortest book on theology I have ever seen, by Perry Noble, lead pastor at New Spring Church in Anderson South Carolina. I love Perry’s passion, his sense of humor, his love for Jesus and His church and his desire to see the gospel advance. Enjoy the brevity, the  clear focus and, if you’re like me, you'll smile a lot as you read this:

My “Book” of Theology

Posted by Perry Noble, Feb 2, 2011

Whew!  Been looking at a lot of theological papers and books lately…so, just for fun, I decided to write my own theological position paper right here on my blog, here goes…

GOD – He’s awesome!

JESUS – See above…same person

HOLY SPIRIT – See above…same person

SALVATION – It’s awesome, includes the package deal of all three above, which are really one…but they are three…but one…uh…

MANKIND – We suck (translation, we’re not awesome!)

END TIMES – It’s going to be awesome (and people who try to predict it are stupid!)

CREATION – It was awesome, then mankind, who sucks, messed it up and have been doing so ever since. BUT…one day God is going to make it awesome again!

SIN – People think it’s awesome, but it sucks…but God saves us from it, which is awesome!

THE BIBLE – It is a story about a God who is awesome!

There you go…probably will not be quoted in a lot of theological articles…but it works for me!  :-)

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