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Michael Jackson

As if you haven't already heard enough about Michael Jackson over the last several days, let me throw my two cents into the mix.

Most of what I am hearing borders on idolatry and worship.  He is being proclaimed as the greatest entertainer of all time, the "King of Pop" to rival Elvis who was the "King."  A genius who  supposedly transformed music all over planet earth. Hollywood stars and other celebs are parading their accolades for Michael; wonderful, innocent as a child, amazing, unparrelled in the history of music.

There is no argument that he was an incredible singer and dancer, but I think the whole thing has gone a bit too far.  The next thing I know someone will be saying they saw him walk on water, or perform a miracle of some sort; anyone who touched his surgical mask was healed.

Charles Barkley became famous for his comment that "I Ain't no role model."  Michael is being hearalded by friends, family and fans as a wonderful Father, a kind soul, a generous man who gave away millions to  charity and a role model that all children, as well as adults, should emulate and admire.

Maybe I am missing something here. Doesn't he also have three children by at least two different women neither of whom he was married to when he passed?  Hasen't he been a self-admitted abuser of perscription drugs which he was warned about for at least four years by close friends and family? Then we have the issue of the cosmetic surgergies that permanently disfigured his face. Add to these that he was known for outlandish spending sprees  and questionable financial decisions that, at last count, left him in debt to the tune of 400-500 million dollars. Some are saying his estate may make more money by him being dead than alive.

This is another example of talent and gifting being elevated above character and relationship. Some say we need to separate his personal and professional life and just focus on his professional accomplishments.  We are still trying to do this with Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton, but it remains a big stretch.

I'll end this divergent take on Michael by saying that I would rather look up to a less talented but character rich person as a role model for me and my family than a genius with questionable character and morals.

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