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Smile. You're On Candid Camera

I should have suspected something when I saw a flash go off as I raced through an intersection trying to beat a red light.  It happened a few weeks ago, so I had forgotten. Forgotten until I returned from a trip last night  and was informed by my wife Susan that I had an interesting piece of mail with a picture of my Toyota pickup running a red light. Now I know what that flash was.  What could I say?  I was Caught red handed with my hand in the cookie jar.  This morning I was very conscience of every yellow and red light and did what I should have done on that fateful day.  They say that haste makes waste. Haste has also cost me $124 for a lesson well learned.  Why is it so difficult for me to respond in the same way when the omnipotant camera of God catches me in my sin? Why is it such a struggle to repent and do what pleases Him?

On another note, I just posted a new book note at, "Missional Renaissance" by Reggie McNeal. He speaks of three shifts that need to happen for the church to fulfill it's mission:

1.  From an internal to an external focus

2.  From program development to people development

3.  From church-based to kingdom-based leadership

Check it out.  You will find it practical and provoking.

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